New rating to change the Project Planning industry as we know it.

In May 2018, Profactaplan launches its new Project Planner rating called, the PFP rating. In an industry that is largely unregulated, the new rating promises to change the way the industry perceives Planners and planning at large, with a direct impact on the recruitment process: the place where this brainchild was first conceived.

Recruiting is, for both the employer and the job seeker, time consuming, painful and too often unsuccessful. Since there has never been Project Planning training, until now, Planners and employers alike, have depended largely on experience and software knowledge. In theory this sounds like a good enough recipe, however, more often than not, experience hasn't resulted in skill.

For the employer, this meant having employed someone who is ill-equipped to do

the job, resulting in extensive training costs, not to mention loss of time, money

and quality on the project. The employer kept raising the experience level required,

for lack of a better sifting method.

For the Planner, applying for jobs became a nightmare, with often not enough

experience to meet the rising requirements, and little opportunities to gain said


Profactaplan’s answer is the PFP-rating, where a Planner’s skill is analyzed by way of an assessment. This is a practical assessment, testing skill, knowledge and software capabilities.

No longer will employers have to sift through thousands of CV’s and sit through hundreds of interviews, and still not know what they have in front of them. Now, they can simply look at the Planner’s PFP rating, and immediately know what level they are at.

Planners will no longer have to try and justify their skill according to years of experience, but be able to prove their skill by way of a PFP rating.

And that is not even the exciting part yet! Since the aim of the rating is to provide standards in the industry, what really makes Profactaplan look forward to the launch of the PFP rating, is the positive change it will bring to projects and project teams in South Africa.

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