Accreditation: Allthough this course is SETA accredited, we decided not to continue with this route, due to the lack of suitable unit standards in the Project Planning field.

Duration: 8 weeks

Format: Online, including video sessions, practical assignments and tests. In-house training can be provided at company premises.

​​Course content:

How to define and understand;

  • a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)

  • Activity relationships

  • Activity durations

  • Activity resources

  • Basic planning principles


How to:

  • Trace activities and logic of a basic programme/schedule

  • Identify the lack of mandatory elements in the

  • Update and report on project health

  • Develop a programme/schedule

  • Update a programme/schedule

  • Develop basic reporting metrics

This course is going online!

Cost: R 7000

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This course has been designed by Project Planning professionals with decades of experience in the field both applying Project Planning on multi billion rand projects and appointing and managing Project Planners.

Before the training was formalised, it was successfully applied many times in an informal, mentor-based format. Witnessing many gaps in the skill of Project Planners working both under them and alongside them, the training was specifically designed to address these gaps and form a good foundation of Project Planning.



This course is now going online. Join our mailing list to be notified as soon as enrollment opens.


There will be online "contact sessions", practical assignments and tests to be completed before a completion certificate can be awarded.


SETA Accreditation:

This course has gone through all the quality processes associated with accreditation with Services SETA to the closest matching Unit Standard. However, Profactaplan has decided to abandon this route, as we feel that the current lack of suitable Unit Standards does not support our drive to improve Project Planning standards in our country. We may in future decide to develop suitable Unit Standards through SAQA.

Course dates

Course dates are scheduled online and courses run in batches. Therefore, you must start at specific course times. This is to ensure you have a community of students who go through this process with you, which helps increase your learning. It also helps us to keep track of our students and their progress, so we can support our students and ensure success and quality.

In-house training

In-house training can also be provided to companies. In such cases we will come to your premises one day a week for 5 weeks to provide contact training. The practical application will take place the remaining 4 days of each week on current work activities and submitted to us electronically. After the 5 contact weeks have been completed, a final practical assignment is to be conducted in the current working environment. 3 Weeks will allocated for this and successful completion will be dependent on the outcome of this assignment.

Additionally a "Boss' report" will be sent at the end of the course to provide feedback to the company on candidates involvement and progress.

The benefit of doing in company training, is that companies will immediately benefit from the skills attained. Get a customised quotation for your in-house training.

Boss' Report

We believe that training your employees is an investment. We also believe investments should be monitored. Therefore we will provide both companies sending employees to our training, and companies who opt for in-house training, with a "Boss' Report" for each candidate attending. This report will provide feedback on candidates' punctuality, involvement and understanding of the content throughout the course.


As per our training calendar: R 5000 per person

In-house at company premises to be quoted according to company location and requirements.

Project Planning course creator Sean Vermaak

Course Creator

Course Creator

Sean Vermaak

Planning Manager;
Planning and Scheduling Professional (AACEI)

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Course Facilitator

PFP 038LR.jpg

Jurie du Toit

Senior Project Planner;
Fundamentals- and Principles of Project Planning graduate

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Project Plannin course faciltator Anthonet du Toit

Anthonet du Toit

Member  at Profactaplan;
Fundamentals- and Principles of Project Planning graduate

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Project Planning course faclitator Hilda Beer

Hilda Beer

SETA Assessor;
Fundamentals of Project Planning graduate

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Course Assistants

Charisa Langeveld

Project Planning course assistant Charisa Langeveld

Angie du Toit

Project Planning course assistant Angie du Toit

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